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The next day of our tour was entirely dedicated to Sukhothai, Thailand’s first capital. This ruin city, which lies seperated from new Sukhothai is certainly an important cultural highlight of our three weeks in Thailand. The close location of many ruins of the time of Thailand’s first 200 years, has helped us to have an impressive day.


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Long neck karen and journey to Sukhothai

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On Monday, even though weekdays start to lose importance, our day started with a visit to a village of the long neck karen tribe, originally from Myanmar. I would not like to walk around every day with up to 25 rings (ca. 2,5 kg) around the neck, but men do not have to do so anyway
After saying goodbye to our guide Chai, we took the afternoon bus to Thailands first capital Sukhothai (5 h / 350 km). There a small and cosy bungalow with AC made us stay an additional night.


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Elephants + bamboo

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Elephants and bamboo were the modes of transport on the following day. First a short 45-min. ride on the back of one of the gray giants, who would lift its trunk every few meters to ask o be fed another piece of banana or sugar cane.
Later we would get onto a bamboo raft, to a chilling and relaxing cruise along the Mae Wang river, before ending the day with a visits to Chiang Mai’s Sunday night market.


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Jungle trekking

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After a day in Chiang Mai the trip went on into theThai-Jungle for a 3 day trekking tour. Our guide from the tribe of the white karen led our internationaly mixed group of 12 through his native country. The nights were spend in the typical wooden huts of the local tribes with their roofs from gumtree leaves. One night in a big dorm for the whole group the other in 2×2 m single bungalows.
The tour with a native guide, the tasting of jungle fruits straight from the tree, crossing through small villages of the local mountain tribes and also the refreshing breaks in cooling mountain rivers have helped to remember this trip as a great experience.


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Chiang Mai

Visiting the North

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Our next stop is Chiang Mai, centre of the North. Here we have a full day to visit the night market and all the temples in the City centre before we are heading off to the jungle tomorrow morning.


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Now it starts

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Since Monday we are in Bangkok, starting point of our days in Thailand.

Arriving at a tropical heat of 35 degrees, after winter started back home, with the first frost was almost too much, but we are adjusting ourselves ...

Already the first evening ended with testing different types of insects and other animals (bamboo-worm, cricket, cockroach, skorpion, frog and a few smaller 6-legged creatures) so the threashold has been readjusted already.


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